Slogans of different countries
Credit: SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images

In the world of advertising, a slogan says it all.

Advertisers have only a few words to sum up everything about a product. But when the client is an entire country, it can be hard to distill vast tracts of land into just a couple of words.

U.K. travel website Family Break Finder recently compiled a giant list of every country’s tourism campaign slogan. As Quartz points out, they aren’t always successful.

There are a few countries who bill themselves as everything a tourist could possibly desire. Apparently “All you need is Ecuador,” and in Honduras, “Everything is here.” Meanwhile, the “Dominican Republic has it all.”

Other countries went the complete opposite route, advertising their most unique traits. Nicaragua is, “Unica. Original!” and Madagascar is, “A genuine island, a world apart.”

Alliteration is also a popular campaign trend: Travelers can choose to explore “Epic Estonia” or “Incredible India” or even “Remarkable Rwanda.”

Tourism slogans for different countries

El Salvador is “The 45 Minute Country” not because 45 minutes is all it needs, but because when you ask locals how long it takes to get anywhere, they will respond “about 45 minutes.”

Some countries advertise with aspirational slogans. Lebanon’s slogan “Live, Love, Lebanon” would look amazing as a wall decal. Cape Verde promises visitors “No stress” and Netherlands want you to know they’re “The original cool.”

A lot of countries just emphasize their good looks. Armenia’s tourism board wants people to “Visit Armenia, It is beautiful” but that’s in direct competition with Pakistan whose slogan is “It’s beautiful - It’s Pakistan.” Laos is “Simply beautiful” but then there’s also “Beautiful Bangladesh” and “Beautiful Burundi.”

Although it may be impossible to rate the beauty of countries around the world, there’s no beauty like Djibouti’s “Djibeauty.”

Other countries are a bit more succinct. In case you were wondering, “Yes, it’s Jordan.”

And tourists to Uganda simply get “You’re welcome.”