This Super-Simple Hack Will Help You Sleep Better in a Hotel

Why didn't we think of this sooner?

You've checked into your hotel, found your room to be exactly as spectacular as you expected, and even tested the bed to ensure it's got maximum snoozability. You're more than ready for a good night's sleep after a long day of exploring — but wait, what's that? A sliver of light coming through the windows that you just can't do away with, no matter how many times you adjust the curtains. Are your dreams of the most restful beauty sleep of your life dashed? No, my traveling friends, they are not. Because we've got a hotel room hack just for you.

TikTok is rich with travel hacks that will help you score an upgrade, get your money back from an airline, and show you secret spots to travel to, even in the most crowded destinations. But they've got nothing on the social media OG that is Twitter.

Golden light in a hotel room with view of window curtains next to a lamp
Patricia Boyce / EyeEm

In 2019, traveler Rick Klau took to the microblogging platform to share, "I don't remember who posted this on Twitter a few years ago, but whoever you are: you have improved every night I've spent in a hotel since."

In the tweet, he showed the simple hack: Just take a hanger out of the hotel room closet that comes with two clips at the end, which are typically used to hold pants. Then, turn it on its side and use it to hold the curtains shut so you can get back to bed.

The hack clearly resonated. Since its posting, the tweet has garnered more than 374,000 likes and more than 66,000 retweets.

"I was today years old when my hotel stays changed forever," one follower noted. "That is a wonderful hack," another added. "I carry around a big binder clip for this purpose, but this is going to be better given almost every place I have ever stayed has these hangers right there (and I don't use them)."

Simple, elegant, and all you need. Just the way a good travel hack should be.

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