There's a children's book in this somewhere.

By Amy Schellenbaum
June 08, 2015
Credit: Robert Smith / Alamy

A plane flying from UK's Southampton to Dublin on Friday had to turn back "following a suspected technical issue." The problem? One (1) bee.

Illustrating beautifully ye age-old platitude "why be large when you can be annoying," the bee, according to a statement made by the airline, had gotten stuck in "an item of instrumentation on the outside of the aircraft."

Given the size of the culprit, budget carrier Flybe's statement that "the safety of its passengers and crew is the airline's number one priority" may seem a little (and amusedly) overblown. It all becomes a bit more sobering when one recalls a 1996 crash of a Boeing 757, which, as CNN points out, was caused by a wasp's nest wreaking havoc on a different "item of instrumentation."

Happily, there were no issues upon landing, and everybody made it back to the airport safely.

Less happily, it seems the bees have a martyr now.

Amy Schellenbaum is the digital editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @acsbaum.