Thanks to a new startup called Milk Stork.

By Caroline Hallemann
April 08, 2016
Milk Stork for Working Moms
Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

Traveling as a new mom comes with an extra set of questions: Does my child need a passport? Will the hotel have a crib? What if he cries the whole flight? And if you’re on a business trip without your baby, what do you do with your breast milk? Enter Milk Stork, a startup that makes it easy to ship breast milk home when you’re traveling.

"The reality is that most moms are working moms, and coming back to work after having a baby can be very emotional and logistically challenging," Milk Stork founder Kate Torgersen told Refinery29. "I think we as a society, companies, co-workers, and fellow moms can do a better job supporting working moms and their babies."

Torgensen came up with the idea when she herself was in the airport on a four-day business trip away from her babies.

“You have to pump every three or four hours to maintain your milk supply or you lose it,” she told Fortune. “I just remember standing at the airport in the TSA line with two gallons of breast milk and eight pounds of dripping ice in a carry-on and just thinking, ‘I cannot believe there’s not a solution for this.’”

So she invented one: a shipping system specifically designed for traveling, breastfeeding mothers. Here’s how it works: Women log onto the Milk Stork website to request a shipping kit. After inputting the details of her trip, the kit is then shipped to her destination, where it will be ready upon her arrival. She'll them pump as usual, pack the milk up, and drop it off at the front desk where she'll confirm FedEx pickup. The milk will then be overnighted back home to baby.

The cost? $99 for a daily delivery kit which includes the pre-addressed, pharmaceutical-grade cooler, six breast milk storage bags, and express shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

It’s expensive, but many companies treat the deliveries as a necessary travel expense.

Earlier this week, Laura June over at The Cut highlighted the company, and spoke with new mom Katie Baker about her experience using Milk Stork. "I was really glad I had the service," Baker said. "So I didn't have to schlep around to seek out dry ice and shipping materials on top of everything else."

"It definitely was a stress reducer. It was really nice to not be trying to freeze the milk [in a hotel fridge," she continued.

For more information on Milk Stork, head to their website.