hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana.
Credit: Thomas Müller/Getty Images

More Americans may be traveling to Cuba to discover all its charms, but that doesn’t mean the island has given up all its secrets.

Take, for example, the hidden cigar shop found inside what is arguably the most famous hotel in Cuba, the Hotel Nacional. According to the Cuba Journal, the 85-year-old hotel, which also boasts some of Cuba’s finest food, has one of the country’s best cigar shops tucked away inside its basement.

The entrance to the cigar shop is incredibly well-disguised, past a hotel boutique at the end of a long hallway. Once inside, visitors lucky enough to find the hidden gem will be greeted by a local cigar roller. Down the stairs, visitors can also spot a walk-in humidor housing an impressive collection of local cigars stacked on top of each other. Though visitors will likely go for the cigars, they can also stay for the reportedly excellent coffee and ultra-comfortable leather chairs strewn about.

Even if you don’t enjoy lighting up a good cigar while relaxing in a comfy leather chair, the Nacional is still worth a visit. The hotel, which is located in middle of Vedado in the heart of Havana and boasts more than 450 rooms, was declared a National Monument and is even inscribed in the World Memory Register with UNESCO.

It has also hosted the likes of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, performers Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Johnny Weismuller, Maria Félix, and Jorge Negrete, and scientist Alexander Flemming, making it the perfect spot to stop and create the perfect Havana memory.