From secret spots and bucket-list destinations to life-changing gadgets and booking tips, here's your round-up of need-to-know travel news and daily delights.  

By Lindsey Campbell
June 09, 2016
Simon Dannhauer/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whether it's for a soul-searching solo trip or a reunion trip for the whole family, a European getaway is almost always a good idea. After all, it's not only rich in history and culture, but it’s also home to many amazing beaches—many of which you’ve never heard of. Here, 52 secret European beaches you must add to your bucket list.  [Telegraph]

Coffee lovers, meet your new favorite travel buddy—the Snow Peak Folding Coffee Drip. It’s a simple, lightweight, and foldable coffee filter that lets you brew a fresh cup o’ Joe anywhere in the world—think camping in Yellowstone or hiking Kilimanjaro. Just set it up over your favorite mug and pour away! [BGR]

Looking through your significant other’s old photos there are some things you expect: their adorable little-kid smiles, embarrassing moments caught on camera. What you don’t expect is to see your own mother in the back of one of their vacation shots. Crazy, right?! That’s exactly what happened to this women. Read on for her full story. [Travel Pulse]

There are over two thousand transatlantic flights every day, making the routes across the pond quite crowded. What does that many flights heading back and forth across the Atlantic look like? And, just how do they manage to safely stay away from each other? This video shows a 24 hour window of the routes, bringing to light just how full the skies really are—take a look. [Telegraph]

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