From secret spots and bucket-list destinations to life-changing gadgets and booking tips, here's your round-up of need-to-know travel news and daily delights. 

By Lindsey Campbell
January 21, 2017
Getty Images

The Tenzing-Hillary Airport—the closest airport to Mount Everest—may just top the list when it comes to hair-raising runways. Weaving through the Himalayas en route to this airstrip, pilots must overcome challenging weather, fog and wind gusts before landing on the 1,700-foot long, uphill runway that starts with a cliff and ends boulders. Get a first-hand account of the adventure, here. [New York Times]

It’s officially Shark Week month, and while fans anxiously await the sharp-tooth fun they can take a ride of Southwest Airlines’ new plane decked out for the event. The plane will take sharks to the sky with not only the exterior paint job but also onboard viewing. [Mashable]

Incase you need even more motivation to book a trip to Australian this summer photographer, Gabriel Scanu, captured the country from what might be it’s best angle—from above. Take a look at the breathtaking photos of everything from seaside swimming pools to Bondi Beach, here. [Huffington Post]

In a move contrary to most airlines these days, Ryan Air has slashed their baggage fees in anticipation of a busy summer travel season—some as much as 50%! [CNN Money]

One guy is traveling the world but ensuring his mother knows he’s completely safe. Model, Jonathan Quiñonez is carrying (and photographing!) a “Mom I’m Fine” sign during his travels to places like Cuba, Mexico and Costa Rica. You can check out his adventures on Instagram.  [Popsugar]

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