Why Parents Should Skip Pre-boarding Flights With Kids, According to Samantha Brown (Video)

Travel TV host Samantha Brown is always on the go. And as a mother of twins, she has some hard-earned advice for parents trying to travel with their children.

Brown sat down with CNN to divulge some of her best travel tips for parents, and one is truly an eye-opener: Brown says you should never use the pre-boarding option when taking flights with kids.

Although the idea of having to wait in line and shove your way through your regular boarding group (with kids in tow, no less) may seem like a nightmare for some parents, Brown has some very good reasoning behind it.

Samantha Brown, host from PBS and the Travel Channel
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Brown told CNN that boarding is the "absolute worst time" during the flight, especially for kids. Not only do they have to sit still while everyone pushes through to their seats, but they also have the chance to absorb some of the worst in-flight behavior, including people shoving bags into overhead bins, being rude to the crew or fellow passengers, or just generally being discourteous. As all parents know, little kids can be absorbent little sponges for the behaviors and attitudes seen around them, so seeing rudeness as the norm can affect how they behave in life.

But if your children are especially young, you don't have to delay your fellow passengers while trying to fit your strollers, car seats, and other supplies on the plane. Brown suggests, if you're traveling with a partner, one person can go ahead during pre-boarding to set up all their luggage while the other stays behind with the children.

While Brown admits her advice may not be fool-proof (even she says her kids will cry for the entire flight sometimes), her words are definitely something to take into account. According to CNN, Brown has taken 45 flights in the last year – some of them, likely, with her kids.

Brown, first known for her work on Travel Channel, now works on her own travel show, Samantha Brown's Places to Love. The third season premiered on PBS on Jan. 11.

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