By Chris Abell
November 17, 2015
Ben Hider for Jose Cuervo

Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones have landed at JFK Airport. Kind of.

Until December 30, travelers passing through JFK (Concourse A, Terminal 4) can step inside a Rolling Stones-themed airplane set in celebration of the band’s 1972 world tour.

The set was designed by Talaat Captan of Air Hollywood, the movie industry’s go-to set designers for airplane scenes—think Bridesmaids, Wolf of Wall Street, and Lost—and hosts of the Pan-Am Experience in Los Angeles. The set at JFK functions as a Stones-y bar and lounge and is comprised entirely of actual airplane parts brought in from California, including a bar made from a 747 engine cover, tables from a 1980 727 that was used by the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, and swiveling pilot seats.

Ben Hider for Jose Cuervo

The exhibition is sponsored by Jose Cuervo to celebrate how tequila … influenced … the Stones’ “Tequila Sunrise” tour, as it was informally dubbed. The story, according to Carol Klenfner, a publicist for the Rolling Stones on their actual plane in 1972, came from an incident on the first leg of the 54-date tour. Apparently Mick and the boys were at a bar in Sausalito, California, called the Trident. Mick asked for a margarita, but the bartender said, “Try this.” He slid over a Tequila Sunrise, and Mick loved it. He and his mates slurped them down for the rest of the tour. And now air travelers can order them in a first-class cabin in the middle of JFK Airport—once they're past security with a valid plane ticket.

Ben Hider for Jose Cuervo

The Rolling Stones pop-up plane is open from Monday to Saturday, 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., until December 30. Guests can try special tequila and purchase limited-edition Jose Cuervo Rolling Stones Tour Picks bottles.

Chris Abell is an editorial producer at Travel+Leisure. You can follow him on Instagram at @buildingflavors.