MONEY teamed up with Travel + Leisure to give you some tips of great places to travel without breaking the bank.

By Money and Susie Poppick, Turner Cowles, and Kate Santichen / Money
June 17, 2015
Berlin Museum
Credit: Mischa Richter

International travel is great for broadening your cultural horizons, but it can get expensive. Luckily, our friends at Travel + Leisure teamed up with us to give you some great ideas for memorable trips abroad that won’t obliterate your bank account.

Cape Town
The South African Rand is trading favorably with the dollar, at $1 for every 12.35 Rand. Check out the Cape Cadogan boutique hotel, in the heart of the buzzy Gardens district, with rooms starting at $170 a night.

The dollar and the euro are trading neck-and-neck, which is the closest they’ve been in recent memory. Berlin is already a discount destination in Europe with plenty of rich culture and history. Stay at the 25 Hours Bikini Hotel, with rooms starting at $167 a night and a rooftop restaurant and a bar that overlooks the Berlin Zoo (you can even see monkeys playing in the trees, which is how the bar got its name).

Ah, yes. Our friendly neighbors to the north. The Canadian dollar, often called the loonie, is trading at C$1.2 for every dollar. Stay at the Auberge du Vieux-Port, with rates starting around $200 a night. Walk along the Saint Lawrence River, or head to Old Montréal to visit Le Serpent, a new Italian-Asian fusion restaurant where you can find entrees for less than $20.

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