By Brooke Porter Katz
July 27, 2015
Paris man
Credit: © PHILIPPE WOJAZER/Reuters/Corbis

We first wrote about Berkshire Hathaway’s groundbreaking travel insurance AirCare when it launched late last year. The domestic flight coverage costs a flat rate of $34 and offers a generous payout system, including $1,000 for a tarmac delay of two hours or more. The best part? Claims can be paid directly into a bank account or Pay Pal via smartphone.

Since then, the company has been hard at work on some updates. One exciting development is the introduction of AirCare Abroad, which costs $46 and provides everything its domestic counterpart does, but with the bonus of paying out $250 for cancelled international flights or a domestic leg of an international trip.

Then there’s ExactCare, a more comprehensive travel coverage option that’s bookable up to 11:59 p.m. the day before your flight is scheduled to leave. This is similar to traditional travel insurance—except you still have the added benefit of fast and easy mobile payments. Still to come: cruise coverage called WaveCare, which will be available as an additional ExactCare package.


And as if the fast and easy mobile payment system wasn’t convenient enough, claims can now be paid to any U.S. debit card account via MasterCard Send.

Insurance is still one of those things you don’t want until you need it—but when you do, you may as well sign up for one that doesn’t cause any stress. You’re on vacation, after all.