Qatar airways
Credit: David Osborn / Alamy

Qatar airways just announced it will be expanding its service to three new U.S. cities—Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles—as well as offer another flight to New York by 2016. Speaking specifically, you can expect flights to Los Angeles to hit the runways on January 1,2016 followed by Boston on March 16th and Atlanta on July 1st.

While this may be great news for travelers looking for more flexibility trekking to and from Doha, it adds another layer to the much-publicized tension between American airline brands (American, Delta, and United) and their Middle Eastern competition (Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad). Last month, the U.S. Airline Coalition shared a 1,028-page dive into the funding of their Gulf counterparts. Their concern is that the Middle Eastern airlines are expanding because of inflated government subsidies, creating a distorted and unfair marketplace.

If you want to know more about the accusations against the three airline carriers, there’s a whole website dedicated to the issue.

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