Talk about luck.

By Erika Owen
January 28, 2016

Sometimes you get stuck next to a stinky seatmate, and sometimes you get an entire airplane to yourself—that's the yin and yang of traveling. Alex Simon, a 28-year-old Austrian traveling from Manila to Boracay, recently found himself in an entirely unlikely situation when no one else boarded his plane. It was just Simon, two flight crewmembers, and two pilots. The situation turned into a casual meet-and-greet when the lucky passenger got the change to visit the cockpit and chat with the pilots before take-off. Lucky for all of us who don't frequent private jets or have insane travel luck, the crewmembers took turns filming Simon stretching across the seats and just completely owning the situation.

Simon had no idea what kind of experience he was about to have when he got to the airport. Philippine Airlines crew called him to the information desk and alerted him that they would be skipping the two-hour wait to board since he was the only passenger on the flight. Once on the airplane, a stunned Simon asked a crewmember if he'd be able to switch to a window seat. The response? Music to any traveler's ears: "You can sit anywhere, because you're the only passenger."

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.