Six Ways You Can Be as Cool as the Portland Airport

PDX Airport Carpet
Photo: Ian Agrimis

Well before the landscaping herd of goats protected by a llama and "Fish" the runway-clearing dog, the Portland International Airport had another star: the ironically fashionable carpet lining its hallowed terminals.

The sad news: the airport has begun its removal of the some 14 acres of that carpet, and plan to have it all replaced with an equally kitschy design by Thanksgiving 2015. Squares of the carpet are available for purchase, but there are far more interesting ways to immortalize a love Portland, quirky prints, and Saved By the Bell aesthetics. Aside from giving Portlanders a social outlet for their city pride, the pdxcarpet Instagram account has shared a few gems that we'll use as a guide for incorporating the boisterous pattern in your wardrobe.

PDX Airport Socks

For $20 you too can add a bit of '80s quirk to your ensemble—perfect for giving those dressed-up moments a little bit of character. Surprisingly, this is one of the more conventional ways to wear your Portland pride.

PDX Carpet Watch

For fans looking to subtly show their support, this watch from Grafletics is just the thing. The best part might be the entirely hip way @PDXcarpet decided to promote this new gadget on its Instagram page: "Because it's their time. Their time, up there. Down here it's our time. It's OUR time down here." #TheAirportWantsToPutMeInTroysBucket #CarpetsNeverSayDie #BuyMeThisWatch" (Ten points to anyone who can name the movie.)

PDX Carpet Yoga Mat

An airport décor mainstay wouldn't seem like the most peaceful of color schemes given the abundance of near-missed flights it witnesses, but this pattern looks especially good on a yoga mat. The sights are sweet from a downward dog on this mat.

Airport 5 Panel Hat

Portland's own Ashbrook clothing company embodied the internationally loved pattern in a hat that's less "city pride" and more trendy streetwear blog.

PDX Carpet Helmet

This decorated bike helmet from Belle Helmets is proof that the Portland Airport carpet loves you and wants to keep you safe from impending danger.

Rogue PDX Carpet IPA

And, of course, there's the beer. This brew was created to celebrate that time T+L named Portland the home of America's Best Airport back in 2013—for the second time in a row.

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.

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