Hint: Check Craigslist

By Michal Addady / Fortune
September 09, 2015
Credit: iStockphoto

The once-free tickets to see Pope Francis‘ speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia are now being sold on Craigslist for $500, Philly.com reports.

The tickets were made available on Tuesday at noon through an Eventbrite page. With only 10,000 seats available and around 400,000 people trying to get tickets, they sold out in a matter of minutes and started popping up on Craigslist almost immediately.

Many of the listings claim their tickets cost only $1, but then demand much higher amounts or “best offer” in the description.

One Craigslist-er is offering two pairs of tickets for free. He requests that people email him with explanations of why they deserve to see the pope’s speech, and he will choose two winners by 8PM on Tuesday night.