A new time-lapse video filmed with an iPhone will renew your sense of awe.

By Melissa Locker
February 18, 2016
Getty Images

Travel + Leisure’s Alex Van Buren recently wrote about the phenomenon of passengers bursting into a spontaneous round of applause when a plane lands safely. After watching this video of a pilot’s view during the landing process, you may be the one leading the applause on your next flight.

The time-lapse video, posted to Twitter by @theplayer_pilot, shows what it’s like to land a commercial plane at London’s Heathrow Airport from the pilot’s seat. The video, which the pilot shot on his iPhone from the cockpit, is a dizzying perspective on a plane’s descent from the sky to the ground. It makes it clear that while anyone can fly a Boeing 737 if they have to, landing takes some finesse—and is not for the faint of heart or anyone with an aversion to heights.

The pilot, who goes only by the initials JB, claims to be a seasoned flyer with more than 20 years of flying experience under his uniform belt. (He must be good, if he can land a plane while holding an iPhone.) He told website getwestlondon, "Heathrow is a very busy airport but is straightforward enough, there are no mountains or anything too tricky, but we are always prepared for anything!”

He added, “Flying is amazing, I feel privileged to be a pilot and see the things I do, as pilots we have views of the world only really we get to see.” Luckily, pilots are sometimes willing to share their point of view—and it just makes passengers appreciate their skills even more.