By Erika Owen
August 11, 2015
Credit: Shrine Luggage Co.

The scene is a familiar one: A talented designer takes to Kickstarter to promote his or her own tinkerings with the hopes that the rest of the world will like it. In The Shrine Co.'s situation, the public's enthusiasm wasn't enough—a little more than $24,000 of the $40,000 goal was raised. Fernando Robert, an industrial design engineer, created a carry-on with footwear in mind. The backpack features a series of straps strategically placed for fitting as many pairs of shoes in the space comfortably and somehow manages to keep it looking far from bulky. Lucky for Robert, Dre Pabon—streetwear veteran, marketing pro, basically the most natural fit for a product like this—noticed his efforts and took an interest in the design. The rest is kismet.

The duo teamed up to create The Shrine Co.; a business focused on the very same product that failed to catch the wallets of Kickstarter users around the world that's projected to rake in more than $3 million in sales by the end of the year. The designs are still focused on getting your shoes from Point A to Point B unscathed, but the attention to detail and multitude of zippered pouches can surely be utilized with other precious cargo. There are now three different styles available (weekender, duffel, and daypack) retailing between $150 and $325. Here's a peek inside one of the bags:

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