This hoodie has 19 pockets.

Frequent travelers know that the best item of travel clothing is that which has the most pockets.

But for those who want to carry their lives in their clothing and still have that clothing be comfortable, SCOTTeVEST is reinventing their multi-pocket Hoodie Cotton.

“There are hundreds of hoodies on the market, but they all have the same problem: a lack of pockets,” the company's CEO and co-founder Scott Jordan said in a statement. “We took everything we’ve learned about hoodies, studied the marketplace and integrated the best features to create the ultimate functional and stylish hoodie.”

The redesigned hoodie has more than twice as many pockets — 21 as opposed to 10 — two of which are capable of holding iPads, and one that’s got a touch-sensitive front for using a phone while it’s stowed. Other pockets can store a water bottle, camera or passport.

The new hoodie also features some customer requests, like sturdier zippers and a “do not disturb” eye mask. There are also built-in guiders to keep earbuds and other cords out of the way but available when needed. SCOTTeVEST has worked out a weight-management system that makes the fully loaded hoodie feel more like a backpack than a weighed-down pocket.

The hoodie is a lighter weight option than the company's travel jacket, which can hold two laptops. SCOTTeVEST and competitor BauBax are two of the top companies offering multi-talented travel wear.

The SCOTTeVEST hoodie comes in ash, black, cobalt or maroon.