Samantha Brown's Latest Travel Tip Is Inspired From Her Days As an NYC Waitress

And it's perfect for long days of sightseeing.


Samantha Brown has been a go-to travel expert for decades, however one of her latest tips fittingly is inspired from a job from long-before she become known as a pro in the travel space.

"Here's a great travel tip I actually learned while being a New York City waitress," the "Places to Love" star shared in a video post this week. "I know that it does not matter how comfortable your shoes are, when you've been on your feet for more than four hours, they're tired, sweaty, they're tired. Not only do they need a break, they need a change of scenery."

Brown continued, as a waitress, she started to bring along a pair of flip-flops and a little powder to use during her breaks.

"If I was pulling a double and needed a break, I would slip my feet into flip-flops," she revealed. Flip-flops are great because it allows your feet to stretch out, they'll get a little breath of fresh air, maybe a little sun."

She'd also sprinkle on a bit of powder to absorb any moisture or any lingering stench. But wait, there's more.

"Here's the key," Brown said. "When I was ready to go back into my shoes, I would put on fresh socks, sprinkle on a little more powder, and I'm good to go. I have brought this waitressing technique with me all throughout my travels for the last 25 years. [It's] perfect if you're doing the theme parks, cruise ships, even a hike. If you've got a break and want to take your shoes off, make sure that no one is around, you don't want to offend anybody, and then give your feet a break and a change of scenery."

While the tip can work just about anywhere, Brown did warn in the caption to please not "use this tip on a plane. That would be inconsiderate."

The travel expert has proven she's still got way more travel tips and tricks up her sleeve, as

Beyond helping our feet on long days of seeing every site in a new city, Brown's travel tips seem to be infinite, evidenced by her frequent Instagram posts — and tips she's shared with Travel + Leisure — that are helping travelers live their best lives on their next trip.

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