Customized products that are ready for your carry-on.

TSA Approved Toiletry Company
Credit: Courtesy of Pack Simply

Packing is a necessary evil of travel.

Everybody has a different part that they dislike about packing a suitcase. Some hate whittling down a wardrobe into just a few outfits while others will never understand why they can’t bring every single one of their gadgets on vacation.

For those who hate having to transfer toiletries to smaller bottles (or those who are prone to forgetting a tube of toothpaste), a new service will pack your toiletries for you in TSA-approved fashion.

Pack Simply is a new service that lets travelers pick from a list of travel-sized toiletries to create their own carry-on liquids bag. (Orders over $20 get their own see-through bag, so you won't have to use a plastic Ziploc bag.)

Customers choose from brand-name products like TRESemmé shampoo or Old Spice deodorant to fill up their bag. It’s also possible to add travel essentials like gum, small pouches of over-the-counter medicine or earplugs for relieving pressure on the airplane. Accessories like bobby pins, cotton balls, hair bands and Q-tips are free.

Travelers who require more idiosyncratic products like dry shampoo or a specific brand of face wash may find themselves out of luck. The company’s selection of toiletries is still a bit limited.

Pack Simply delivers most packages within three days of placing an order. However travelers who wait until the last minute can pay more for overnight shipping. Or, for those who can’t stand taking liquids out of their carry-on while going through security, Pack Simply also has the option of shipping travel-sized products to your final destination.

The total cost of the package is a bit more than what someone would pay if they assembled their own toiletry kit at a supermarket or convenience store. But then, those who choose to have their toiletries shipped to them are probably more concerned with convenience than price.