From faux-fur travel blankets to dual-ended razor-trimmers, you won’t want to venture anywhere without these 24 game-changing products.

By Adeline Duff
Updated August 31, 2016
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Credit: courtesy of respective brands
Credit: Courtesy of Hudson Park


This faux-fur blanket is about to seriously upgrade the way you travel (and if you don’t already travel with a blanket, you really should). This throw has straps, making it easy to tote around, and its faux fur and microfiber materials are about to give you the most comfortable flight (or car ride) of your life. You’re welcome.

$100; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Juice Press


Juice Press's beloved Proviotics (vegan probiotics) now come in travel packs, so you can always keep your digestive system healthy—wherever in the world you may be.

$15; buy it here


Foreo’s hero product, the Luna facial cleansing device, now comes in its own pint-sized, travel-friendly version. The Luna Play—which comes in seven colors—combines T-sonic pulses and soft, silicone bristles, making it the perfect hardcore cleansing option for all skin types. And get this: for only $39, its non-rechargeable battery will give you up to 100 uses.

$39; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Catbird


Bringing along a pint-sized scent can easily transport your hotel room (or camping) experience into something a little bit lovelier, sexier, or more magical. Catbird’s travel-friendly candles have lids on them, so bonus points for that. We love the After Hours scent, which has notes of tobacco flower, smoke, and leather.

$14; buy it here

Credit: Courtesy of Byredo


Keep your clothes (and any other fabrics) smelling fresh with Byredo’s TSA-friendly textile spray, which has clean notes of cotton and will easily disguise odors caused by travel, the environment, or, well—just being a human.

$62; buy it here.

Credit: Courtesy of Elixirs and Co


Bach flower essences, which have been used for over 70 years to "cast out" negativity, are currently seeing a serious resurgence in the beauty industry. Mixed with a blend of honeysuckle, olive, elm, and more relaxing scents, the travel elixir works to calm the mind and prevent jet lag. Just add a few drops under your tongue, or into your water.

$37; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of emerginc


EmerginC, a leading brand in the natural beauty world, recently came out with their own take on face wipes. Their organic, compostable wipes are formulated with organic aloe vera and witch hazel extract, and are suited for all skin types.

$19; buy it here

Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom


This small-but-mighty hand sanitizer kills bacteria, fights contagions, and measures in at only 1.7 oz. The smell of lavender and Mandarin Orange is nearly therapeutic, and the gentle ingredients will leave hands feeling moisturized, rather than dry.

$10; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of H20+


You heard it here first: cleansing sticks are the new biggest things in the travel-beauty arena. H2O+’s solid stick—which is infused with Pearl extract—is a super easy, super compact way to clean your face. Just wet your face and massage the stick in a circular motion until it foams.

$28; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Schick


This award-winning razor is an editor favorite—and it’s absolutely perfect for travel. It’s TSA-approved, since it’s considered a disposable razor, and features dual ends, one being a moisture infused razor and the other a bikini trimmer (though men can use it on their faces, too).

$13.99; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Glossier


Glossier's Generation G lipsticks give the look of a stain, but go on like a balm. Just a few swipes give your face an instantly revived but natural look.

$18; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Malin Goetz


Who doesn’t need a good, compact shaving cream when travelling? MALIN + GOETZ’s version is a favorite amongst the grooming community, thanks to its vitamin e and amino acid proteins, which delivers a smooth, non-irritating, and moisturizing shave. $8; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Marvis


Marvis’ travel-size toothpastes are a must-have for keeping your dopp kit (and mouth) fresh. Our favorite flavor? Jasmin mint.
$6; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Nonesuch


Maine’s “Oyster Lady” Abigail Carroll went from oyster farming to producing all natural skincare products using locally sourced, marine ingredients. We love the Face Oil with Botanicals from Land and Sea and Maine Sea Salt Body Scrub, but for travel, nothing beats the intensely moisturizing Seaweed Hand Salve.

$20; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Nurse Jamie


Actresses Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba are fans of this travel pillow, which fights wrinkles while you sleep. Its U-shape design is perfect for both back and side sleepers, and its silky, satin pillowcase helps minimize lines and other signs of aging.

$69; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Skyn Iceland


This vitamin-infused, cold pressed oil is made up of 99.9 percent of Camelina essence—an arctic oil rich in fatty acids, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. It instantly absorbs into your skin and delivers a soothing, hydrating effect.

$34; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Slip


Model Lindsay Ellingson swears by this Slip Silk Eye Mask for travel (she puts Klorane eye patches underneath, while she sleeps)—and so do we. Because the brand uses only the highest quality of silk, the mask feels extra soft, but thick enough to black out the surrounding lights, on your face. Say good-bye to those face lines caused by most other sleep masks, and enjoy a luxurious new type of beauty sleep.

$45; buy it here.

Credit: courtesy of Juice Press


If you’re prone to falling ill right after you’ve landed at your destination, try sucking (or chewing) on these bad boys a few days before your flight, and continue throughout your trip.

$11.99; buy it here


In case you’re not familiar with Stowaway, let us quickly recap: the brand is based solely on the purpose of creating TSA-approved, travel-friendly products. Their most recent launch? An eye shadow palette of all the neutral (and a few shimmery) tones you’d ever need, which is just the size of a New York City MetroCard.

$25; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Tata Harper


Tata Harper, the queen of green beauty, makes some of the most luxurious, environmentally-conscious products in the country. When we interviewed her for our Carry-On, she revealed she always travels with her Aromatic Irritability Treatment to reduce stress caused by long lines, delays, and bumpy landings.

$65; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Touch in Sol


Whether you use it on your face, hands, cuticles, or body, every pro-traveler knows a solid all-in-one moisturizing cream is a must-pack. We love Touch in Sol’s All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream, which contains Ceramide 3 and other refreshing ingredients that delivers instant—but non-greasy—hydration.

$32; buy it here

Credit: Courtesy of Hum Nutrition


HUM Nutrition—which is best known for their highly praised ingestible supplements—just added a range their best-selling Raw Beauty Superfood Powders in travel packets. Simply mix with water for your daily fix of antioxidants, adaptogens, enzymes, probiotics, and fiber.

$25 for 15 packs; buy it here

Credit: courtesy of Sphynx


This travel-friendly razor doesn't require you to be anywhere near the shower. The three-in-one product gets filled with water, which users first spritz onto their skin. After, rotate the center dial to the shea butter-based bar that you use to moisturize desired areas, and follow by shaving with the razor cartridge. Just like that, you can shave anywhere, anytime.

$14.99; buy it here

Credit: Courtesy of Perricone


These dietary supplements by Perricone MD are as travel friendly as they get; each packet contains three softgels, two capsules, and three caplets—all of which benefit a healthy body, immune system, and cognitive skills. They also improve the overall look of your skin, while promoting healthy hair and nail growth.

$155 (contains 60 packets); buy it here