Small red suitcases
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There are a lot of theories on how to pack the perfect suitcase—what you need, what you don’t need, not to mention many, many products that claim to solve your packing woes.

With baggage fees on the rise, being a carry-on-only traveler certainly has its perks (hello, no lost luggage!). But, the art of packing the perfect bag can certainly be daunting—there’s so little space! After all, what exactly do you bring with you?

Quartz came up with a (very scientific) mathematical formula to help you get it right every time. The key? A nutritional-pyramid-style breakdown that includes seven lounge/underwear items at the base, and accessories included "sparingly" at the top.

When it comes down to how to pack, it's all about the technique. Below, videos to show you exactly how to get ready for a short getaway—cocktail dress, undergarments, and Macbook charger included:

For a Weekend Trip:

Your Macbook Charger:

Your Undergarments:

Your Jewelry:

Your Cocktail Dress:

Your Suit: