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By Lindsey Campbell
Updated: January 21, 2017
Noel Hendrickson/Getty Images

Whether it’s for a destination wedding or just dinner at a nice resort, traveling with formal clothes can pose a packing problem. Follow this quick tip to keep those delicate fabrics looking their best.  [Wendy’s Lookbook]

For millennials, business travel is more than just a work assignment—it’s a potential vacation. This mindset is changing the way business travel is looked at. [INC]

It’s no secret Airbnb has made it’s mark in the travel world. From villas in Tuscany to a stranger’s makeshift room in New York City, you can find just about any accommodation you may want on the site. Now, you can even find a flight. Lufthansa took to the platform and is selling premium economy seats between Frankfurt and New York. [One Mile at a Time]

Where do trains go when it’s time to retire them from the track? Well, the ones in Bolivia it seems, were brought to End of the Line—a cemetery for abandoned trains. One photographer captured the sight. [Whudat] 

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