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We have all been there: stuck on a plane for hours on end freezing because you didn’t wear enough layers. It’s a mistake everyone makes a time or two, but the last thing you want is to make the same mistake for your little ones too. That’s why it's so important to layer them up from head to toe — a move that will keep everyone happy and comfortable when your family is on the road. Follow these 3 easy steps to master the art of layering for your kids.

Step 1: Start with base layers

Base layers are essentially underwear, anything that you wear below normal clothing for that day. Caramel makes fun patterned boxer shorts for boys while both boys and girls can enjoy the super soft lap tees from Flora and Henri. Add some cozy leggings like these from Goat Milk for an extra protection.

Step 2: Add the core layer

This is the step where you dress your child in something comfortable and roomy so that they won't feel constricted by their clothes. A great layering piece is a jumpsuit – it’s a one-stop-shop item that is both cute and simple for them to wear. For a girl, dresses provide that carefree movement and flexibility that all kids want. Add a cardigan as additional coverage and warmth. Throw these Salt Water sandals on them for all day comfort.

Step 3: Lastly is outerwear + fun accessories

For post-plane travel and throughout the rest of your trip, have your little one wear the perfect piece of outwear. Go for a more lightweight jacket like this style from Nico Nico for warmer climates, or a heavy-duty raincoat like this one from Stutterheim for cooler climates (they also make adult coats, so bring one for yourself as well!). Don’t forget to add some accessories they’ll love like a hat, backpack, purse, or even a teddy bear that comes inside a suitcase – the best travel companion of all!