By Erika Owen
May 10, 2016

There are five different things that make the Floatti suitcase one of the most exciting travel designs around. There are a few solid annoyances when it comes to toting your stuff around an airport—or anywhere, for that matter—and it seems like the designers behind Floatti have been living in all of our airport-frazzled heads through all of it. Their compact rolling case has an answer for just about every point of tension.

Along with the features below, Floatti looks really, really good. The outter shell is made of polycarbonate with an inner aluminum insert, keeping it lightweight. Leather trimming adds a classic touch. Inside, you'll find what they're calling a "Protective Packing System," which is essentially a series of pouches and linings that will help keep your things organized and clean. It gets better. Ahead: a breakdown of why we can't wait for this luggage to hit the market.

Docking Harness for Handbags

There isn't much that is more annoying that attempting to store a handbag on top of a suitcase, only to have it come tumbling down at the slightest movement. Floatti has an extra strap attached at the top of the suitcase designed specifically for keeping additional items secure.

"Smart" Handle

You can make calls, send texts, and access apps all by tapping on the suitcase handle. Considering maps go hand-in-hand with arriving in a brand new city with your arms full of luggage, this is well worth the cost of a new suitcase in itself.

Built-In Scale

A scale is one of those helpful items that always seem to get dropped from the packing list. Floatti features a display underneath the handle that lights up with the case's weight once you lift the handle.

Suspension Wheels

The suitcase's wheels adjust to the surface of the ground you're pulling it across. You can say goodbye to annoying wheel noise and the damage of hard impact—the suitcase body absorbs the vibrations for easy rolling.

Item Trackers

As if it couldn't get any better, the suitcase actually tracks your most valuable belongings. Once the tiny tag is attached to your phone, camera, travel wallet (or anything else), the location tags sync with a smartphone app and alert you when you travel a specific distance without your tagged items.

Built-In Chargers

There are other suitcases that can do this (Away is another great option), and it only makes sense that a design of this functionality would feature it, as well. According to the designer, you can charge an iPhone up to seven times on one suitcase battery charge.

Earlier this month, the suitcase was successfully funded on Indiegogo, raising 531 percent of the original ask and bringing in a total of $611,749. Want to know more? Head to the Floatti website.

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.