By Grant Martin
November 10, 2015
smart Luggage
Credit: 500GLS

The big news in bags is the emergence of “smart” luggage: souped-up suitcases that can charge phones, weigh themselves, send out homing signals when lost, and, oh yes, carry stuff. So far, the standout model is the Bluesmart ($399), created by a group of travel-hungry entrepreneurs. Their bag performs on all fronts—and looks slick, too.

No. 1: Case Closed

The Bluesmart has a hard polycarbonate shell, a retractable handle, and four hardy wheels. It’s carry-on only—the battery means it can’t be checked. And despite all the gadgetry, it weighs just over nine pounds.

No. 2: Inner Space

Electronics take up less than 10 percent of the main compartment, leaving plenty of room for your gear. The outside sleeve can hold a laptop as big as 15 inches, and has an extra pocket for a phone or tablet.

No. 3: Weigh Station

The handle doubles as a digital scale: open the app and lift the bag to get a reading.

No. 4: Linked-Up Lock

The main compartments can be secured with a key or via smartphone if you are nearby; a light on the bag lets you know the (TSA-compliant) lock is engaged.

No. 5: Power Supply

The high-capacity battery, which plugs into a standard outlet, can juice up an iPhone six times over on a single charge.

No. 6: Tracking System

Within Bluetooth range (about 100 feet in an airport), you can use the app to pinpoint your bag’s location. If your stuff goes missing farther afield, an onboard SIM card can send its GPS coordinates to your phone.

No. 7: Spare Wire

There are two USB charging ports, one in the laptop sleeve and another on the back of the suitcase.