Regardless of destination, each style is necessary.
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Underwear for travelers
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I’ve spent the last few years hopscotching my way around the globe as a travel writer. Though each destination is different, I’ve found one thing to be key on every expedition, whether hiking in El Salvador's Cinquera Forest or relaxing in the most luxurious hotels in Europe: Always pack enough underwear.

But it’s not just about quantity when it comes to undergarments. After visiting more than 30 countries in three years, I can confidently say that these are the three types of underwear every vacationing woman should bring.

Period-proof underwear

Bamboo Viscose Fiber Brief Menstrual Leakproof Panties
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Your period doesn’t care if you’re on vacation or not, so make sure you’re prepared by purchasing a few pairs of period-proof underwear. This category has changed the game for travelers with periods the world over who want to enjoy their day on safari, in the streets of Tokyo, or on a train in India without leaking through their pants. Several companies have popped up to meet this demand, which means there is a wide variety of cuts and sizes to fit everyone’s menstrual needs.

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Cotton underwear

Calvin Klein Women's Cotton Stretch Logo Bikini Panty
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Comfort is king when it comes to long-haul flights, road trips, and train travels. Synthetic underwear fabrics can rub, ride up, and make it impossible for your skin to breathe; natural cotton won’t do any of that. And according to medical experts, standard cotton underwear is best for vaginal health – but just because the fabric is basic doesn’t mean the styles are, too.

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Sweat-wicking underwear

Fruit Of The Loom Women's Underwear
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If you’ve ever traveled to a tropical destination, you know things can get sweaty, especially if you’re there for high-energy activities like hiking or all-day walking tours. That’s where high-tech, sweat-wicking underwear comes in to save the day. To ensure all-day comfort on every epic outing, look for pairs that are also tag-free.

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