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By Lindsey Campbell
August 04, 2016
Travel Packing Hacks
Credit: Willie B. Thomas/Getty Images

From a genius way to create your own in-plane entertainment system to packing hacks that will change your life, these quick (And easy! And cheap!) travel tips will turn you into an ultra-prepared travel pro.

For those who travel for long periods of time but only want to bring a carry on, packing the right toiletries—read: having enough to last your trip—can prove difficult. Well, there’s an easy fix: solid shampoo and conditioner. [Huffington Post]

There are so many stories to be told throughout the streets and buildings of New York City, and a great place to learn of the secrets that lay within its city blocks are through old guidebooks. One historian took an 1866 edition and hit the town—here’s what he learned. [Curbed]

When thinking of the most confiscated item by the TSA one’s mind may go to drugs or firearms. And, while the quantity of those items may be great, there is one thing it seems, the TSA finds a lot of: Batarangs. [Uproxx]

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