Ever wonder who the face was behind one of AOL's most famous phrases?

'You've Got Mail' Guy from AOL Is Now An Uber Driver
Credit: Brandee Barker/Youtube

Remember logging into AOL to be welcomed by the ubiquitous “You’ve Got Mail” alert?

The man who voiced the phrase is now an Uber driver in Ohio.

Passenger Brandee Barker was in for a big surprise when she took an Uber earlier this week, discovering that her driver was the voice behind the well-known line. Barker posted a video of Elwood Edwards, 67, delivering the line on Twitter after learning of his fame on AOL.

“No way! Do it again,” Barker said after hearing Edwards repeat the classic line.

According to CNN, Edwards got the voice gig when his wife, who was working at Quantum Computer Services (later to become AOL), overheard the company's CEO say he wanted to introduce voice alerts when people received an email.

After he recorded the phrases on a cassette tape, he became a voice known to millions. And now, thanks to Barker's video, we can finally put a face to the popular voice we've known for so many years.