Anyone who's locked eyes with the creepy dude by the hotel ice machine knows that just about any hotel can be pretty strange at 2 a.m. But there's a big difference between the weirdest La Quinta in Los Alamos and some of the world's more unconventional accommodations—whether it's a hotel staffed entirely by robots or one shaped like a human colon. Seriously.

By Gianni Jaccoma /
June 18, 2015
Thrillist Pickup The Weirdest Hotels on Earth

We took it upon ourselves to find the absolute strangest hotels on planet Earth, each of which falls somewhere on the grand spectrum of weirdness: from "hmm, that's strange" to "OKAY, WTF."

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

Fall River, MA
On the off chance you've always dreamed of sleeping in a house where two brutal murders occurred, you're in luck! Lizzie Borden -- she of axe-based matricide and patricide fame -- lived in this quaint little Massachusetts home, from her birth in 1874 right up to the point where she (allegedly) became every parent's worst nightmare.

These days, the house is a major tourist attraction in the town of Fall River, and while it may or may not be haunted, it's definitely decorated with creepy crime-scene photos. You can still spend the night in any of the house's eight rooms -- including the ones where her parents' bodies were found -- or get together with up to 20 of your freakiest friends and rent out the entire place.

Palacio de Sal

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
If you're in a forest, you build your house with wood. If you're in a muddy field, you build it with clay. If you're smack in the middle of Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat? Well, you end up with a hotel made almost entirely of the stuff you put on the rim of your margarita glass. This remote Bolivian hideaway is built from approximately one million bricks of pure salt, and everything from the chairs and beds, to the ceilings and walls are 100% salty goodness. At the end of the day, though, you're still sleeping in the middle of a barren, briny wasteland, so only the most well-seasoned of travelers need apply. See? Because salt is a seasoning, and... yeah. Oh, while you're there, don't forget to hit this insane train graveyard that looks straight out of Thunderdome.

Dog Bark Park Inn

Cottonwood, ID
Not only is the world's biggest beagle one of America's weirdest roadside attractions, it's also the world's only beagle-shaped B&B. Because that's what the world was missing, really. This 30ft pooch has its own private porch (a selling point when it comes to canine casitas), and while the list of other amenities is pretty short, you are allowed to bring your own four-legged friend to stay with you. For a small fee, of course.

Free Spirit Spheres

British Columbia, Canada
If the Ewoks had taken their design cues from the Death Star, the result would probably look something like this trio of spherical abodes suspended in the trees of BC. Apart from the obvious circumferential differences between these orbs and your standard room at the Ramada, each of them strangely has its own name (Eve, Eryn, and Melody), and they actually tend to sway a bit when the wind blows. Or whenever an occupant moves in any way. Basically, there's gonna be a lot of swaying going on.