Good things come in small museums.
Telephone Booth Small Museum Yorkshire England
Credit: Forster/ullstein bild via Getty Images

An old phone booth in West Yorkshire, England made its grand (re)debut earlier this month as the World’s Smallest Museum.

The Warley Community Association (WCA) decided to revamp one of their town’s old phone booths into a functional museum for the opportunity to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Warley Village Museum has room for only one visitor at a time and will change exhibitions every three months. The current show houses artifacts from the village’s history, including photographs, etched glass and small personal items.

It is the only British Telecommunications (BT) telephone box to be remade into a museum in all of the UK. Other towns have turned the obsolete phone boxes into lending libraries or storage space for emergency defibrillators.

Members from the WCA worked for over a year to convert the disused phone booth into a working museum. It officially opened to the public on October 8 and immediately submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records become the official World’s Smallest Museum.

However the phone booth has some competition.

The “World’s Smallest Museum” (yes, that’s its official name) in Superior, Arizona measures 134 square feet and houses “artifacts of ordinary life,” including a letter written by John F. Kennedy, a Beatles concert poster and a rock believed to be the World’s Largest Apache Tear.

And the Mmeuseumm is an old elevator shaft in New York City with a constantly-changing roster of exhibitions. It is known as the smallest museum in the city at 36 square feet—although its satellite, Mmuseumm 2, measures only 20 square feet.