Albufeira in Portugal
Credit: Zu Sanchez/Getty Images

Looking for love is tough, especially when you can’t remember your soulmate's name.

A woman is looking for the man she met while she was vacationing in Portugal. According to her recollection, the man’s name is either Steve or Keith.

Apparently, she and her mystery man met while pole dancing in a club. Steve or Keith is supposed to have white hair and white eyebrows, and was traveling with the Bristol Rovers Football Club.

The woman looked up the names of men who are part of the Rovers and has started contacting anyone named Steve or Keith on the roster.

According to The Bristol Post, one man name Steve received a letter from the woman, which said:

“Hello. I am trying to find a man I met in Portugal in July. His name is Steve or Keith. He has white hair and white eyebrows. He was with the Bristol Rovers. I was trying to do some pole dancing for a laugh if you are not married and would like to meet, tel 077******* Monday to Friday morning. If this is not you I won't bother you again. Got your name from electoral roll.”

The Steve in question is not the mystery man for whom the woman is looking. There were around 300 Rovers fans headed to Albufiera, in Portugal, to see the team play during their pre-season game against Hull city on July 18, according to The Bristol Post.

We hope this message reaches you, Steve/Keith. Your true love awaits.