Dreams do come true.

By Stephanie Wu
January 06, 2016
Sensory alarm clock wakes you up to certain smells
Credit: Courtesy of Sensorwake

Fiile this one under ideas we wish we’d thought of: Sensorwake, a new alarm clock that just debuted at CES, wakes snoozers up by releasing a scent of your choice through reusable capsules. The current offerings include croissant, espresso, seaside, jungle, chocolate, and peppermint—which means you can wake up to the smell of croissants without being in Paris, or the smell of the salty sea breeze without being at an island resort in Bali.

According to the company, aromas are 99 percent as effective as sound at waking up deep sleepers. But just in case, there’s a built-in beep that goes off three minutes later, if you haven’t yet hit snooze. New scents are under development, but a spokesperson told T+L that they are kept highly confidential.

The idea is the brainchild of 19-year-old Guillaume Rolland, a French engineering student who dreamed up the alarm clock (pun intended) because he hated waking up in the mornings. The clock was successfully funded via Kickstarter last summer, and products start shipping in May. You can also pre-order the clock for $89 on their website—just don’t blame the company if you wake up craving fresh pastries every morning.