By Yahoo Travel Editors
December 01, 2015
Credit: (c) H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock

The next time you want to book a flight from Kayak’s search engine in the U.K., you’ll have a new destination to choose from: space.

Kayak said it’s the first search engine in the U.K. to offer space flights, though don’t look for any Cyber Monday deals: With Virgin Galactic, it costs just under $250,000 per person, and with XCOR Space Expeditionsit costs $137,500.

Of course, these trips are purely theoretical at this point: Neither company has begun service.

The option to book a Virgin Galactic flight was already an Easter-egg feature in Kayak’s U.S. search engine. Here’s how to find it: In the search engine, enter “90n” in the “from” field — that’s the airport code for Spaceport America in New Mexico — enter “50m” in the “to” field to note how many miles into the Earth’s thermosphere you’ll be traveling, make your departure and arrival dates the same, and enter “First” as your cabin class. You’ll be offered a flight for a cool $250,000.

A space trip with XCOR would depart from the Mojave Desert in California; it would require seven minutes to reach the thermosphere and another 24 minutes to return to Earth.

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