Do you want to travel the world and "party for a living"? Then StagWeb has the job for you.

By Melissa Locker
March 29, 2016
Man Sized Thirst
Credit: (c) A J O'Brien

StagWeb is a UK-based company that specializes in making memorable bachelor parties (think: quad bike safaris in Dubrovnik, a visit to a Welsh trampoline cave, or parasailing in Ibiza). Now, to ensure their shindigs are suitably epic, they need to send someone to test out the services before recommending them to clients. To that end, the company is hiring a PartyTest Pilot, and thanks to Thrillist—who unearthed the dream job listing—that lucky person could be you.

If you use “party” as a verb, appreciate international travel, and enjoy activities like “driving go karts, attending pub crawls, piloting jet aircrafts, and dodging paintballs,” as well as “zombie survival” camps, then your perfect job awaits.

Successful applicants will have “serious partying credentials,” “a reasonable alcohol tolerance” (although drinking is not required), and the James Bond-worthy ability to blend “penchant for fancy dress” with “a sense of adventure.” Based on some of the bachelor party adventures the site throws, athletic prowess, a need for speed, and the ability to hunt werewolves and know what to do with a “sexy hitchhiker” also would come in handy.

The position requires testing bachelor party activities around the world, posting updates to social media, assisting during notably “legendary” stag weekends, and “filming yourself performing feats of derring do and stag madness.” For all that, the job pays $24,600 (£17,000) and includes travel and accommodations.

To apply, click here—and include video documentation of your ability to lead the party.