Your ticket comes complete with an "in-flight" meal.


Introducing passengers to the wonders of an airplane may have only been a small part of Bahadur Chand Gupta's previous job as an aircraft engineer, but he's made it his sole focus for families in the Indian state of Haryana. Gupta has turned a now-defunct Airbus A300 into an opportunity for kids to enjoy everything airplanes have to offer without leaving the ground—or paying for an expensive ticket. Dubbed "The Flight to Nowhere," Gupta walks passengers through a simulated airplane ride, seating everyone, serving an in-flight meal, and sharing the ins and outs of the cockpit.

Visitors all get their own boarding pass upon entering the airplane. They even sit through a security briefing—something that may not seem entirely interesting to anyone who's been on multiple flights, but surely is a point of interest for anyone who hasn't hurtled through the sky at hundreds of miles per hour. To leave, all passengers get to slide down the airplane's emergency landing slide—a perk that many of the most frequent flyers have (luckily) never experienced.

Gupta only charges around $1 for a "Flight to Nowhere." The reason? After a failed attempt to bring a friend to his workplace (the visitor's astonishment at the aircraft blew his and Gupta's cover), Gupta decided to do something to bring the experience to more people in an affordable way. The Airbus is permanently located in the outskirts of Dehli—where Gupta previously worked—and is surely a sight worth seeing by even the most experienced travelers (if only for the slide back down!).

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.