These dolls are called ‘Child Angels’.

"Luuk thep" (child angels) dolls are displayed at the Economic Crime Suppression Division after more than a hundred of them were seized in separate raids, in Bangkok on January 26, 2016. A craze in Thailand for pampering lifelike dolls to bring good fort
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This story originally appeared on Fortune.

Passengers purchasing tickets on a Thai airline can now buy a seat for a hugely popular life-like doll that has owners treating them like real children.

The dolls, thought to possess supernatural powers, will also be served snacks and drinks on Thai Smile Airways, according to an internal memo as reported by Bloomberg. They will, however, be barred from sitting in exit rows, and owners who do not want to buy tickets for their dolls will have to treat them as carry-on luggage, added Bloomberg.

The dolls are known as ‘Luk Thep’, or ‘Child Angels’, and have become increasin

gly sought-after in Thailand. Around the same size as an infant, the dolls are thought to hold the spirits of child angels, and owners who take exceedingly good care of these dolls will receive good fortune, according to Bloomberg.

The dolls grew in popularity after a local DJ posted pictures with his doll, and said it brought him success, reported The Nation. The dolls now retail for anywhere between $2 and $300, and owners have been bringing them grocery shopping and even out to restaurants to eat their own specially-served children meals.

The Thai Smile Airways guidelines were issued after more than 40 passengers had brought their dolls on-board in the past three months, reported The Bangkok Post. Some were unhappy when they were asked to put their dolls in the overhead compartments or under seats.