Cailey Rizzo
November 29, 2016

The teenager who was arrested two years ago for scaling the World Trade Center building is still dangling from Manhattan skyscrapers.

Justin Casquejo, now 18, recently broke into a skyscraper south of Central Park, scaled the tower and uploaded video of the adventure to YouTube on November 4.

The teenager and friends snuck into a building currently under construction and snuck out onto the scaffolding. He dangled from one arm “1,000 feet over Central Park,” perched on small ledges and looked down from dizzying heights—armed only with Nike sneakers, a windbreaker and his camera.

“You guys have no idea how beautiful this is,” he said while standing on the scaffolding.

Casquejo—who lives in Weehawken, New Jersey—has been climbing around New York City and uploading videos on his YouTube account “Live JN” at least since October. In his other videos, Casquejo climbed an abandoned cathedral, luxury skyscrapers and scaffolding constructions.

In a blog post, New York City’s firefighters called the stunts “selfish,” saying that if he fails, “it will tie up highly trained technical-rescue resources and put members at risk.” They called upon building security to be vigilant of trespassers and urban explorers.

In 2014, the then-16-year-old was arrested after sliding through a hole in the fence at the World Trade Center, sneaking past a sleeping security guard and climbing stairs and scaffolding to the top of 1 WTC. He was sentenced to 30 days’ community service, ordered to attend counseling and write an essay about the risks of scaling tall buildings. Two weeks after that, he was arrested again for attempting to climb a water tower in Weehawken.

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