If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night in the world’s largest grave, here’s your chance.

By Melissa Locker
October 08, 2015
Paris Destination Guide
Credit: Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

A visit to the Paris catacombs (informally known as one of the creepiest places on earth) might not be a tourist stop de rigueur, but it’s a must-see for anyone into the macabre. And this Halloween, one “lucky” winner will have a chance to sleep in the not-so-cozy crypt alongside six million skeletons, thanks to Airbnb and the City of Paris, who have teamed up for what might be the world’s weirdest sweepstakes.

The vacation rental service is planning a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a scare-proof guest willing to spend the night in a bedroom deep within the bowels of the terrifying 200-mile underground labyrinth.

The winner will be treated to a historical tour of the subterranean site, dinner, a private concert, and a bedtime storyteller who will spin a dark tale about the history of the world's largest grave (a.k.a. your hotel room). If you make it through the night, breakfast will also be provided.

Luckily, you won’t have to go it alone—you’re allowed to bring a friend. (If, that is, you can find one willing to descend into what Airbnb describes as “a sprawling network of skulls and bones.”)

For a chance to be the very first living person ever to wake up in this terrifying tomb, log onto Airbnb and write a heartfelt essay explaining why you have nerves of steel and are brave enough to sleep in the catacombs. The website will notify a winner after October 21—which leaves plenty of time to chicken out before Halloween.