By Andrea Romano
October 04, 2018

Everyone loves a good thrill ride. Even inanimate objects.

Comedian Sam Fletcher captured a video of Mr. Bottle Opener (yes, he’s literally a wine bottle corkscrew) “riding” a roller coaster and posted it on Twitter. Clearly, Mr. Bottle Opener is having a great time, raising his arms with every peak and valley. And the best part is, we get to go on this journey with him.

Of course, he’s not really on a roller coaster. The ride that the corkscrew is on is actually just a video that Fletcher played for him, but it looks thrilling nonetheless. And anyway, Mr. Bottle Opener seems to be having fun.

Hey, as long as our kitchen utensils are having a good time, that’s all that matters. Frankly, this little object sums up the thrill of being at your favorite amusement park better than most roller coaster videos out there.

Who knew a corkscrew could be so relatable?