By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
May 11, 2016
Credit: Spier's Salads

When it comes to quirky restaurant ideas, London has been positively killing it this year. Soon enough, visitors can get beers served by dogs—er, barktenders—or eat totally naked.

The latest buzzy, slightly absurd, pop-up restaurant is (rather inevitably) inside an iconic Londontown phone booth. Posing with a classic red phone booth is a must on your to-do list when visiting the city, which is exactlky why a businessman has decided to transform one into a (very) mini restaurant.

Ben Spier created Spier’s Salads, a pop-up salad bar, by converting a phone booth into a larger refrigerator where he serves five different types of salads made with organic, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients two days a week. He pays Red Kiosk Company just $29 a month to rent the space in Bloomsbury Square.

While these phone booths were commonplace for a long period of time, they’ve slowly been phased out over the years with the invention of cell phones. Only 48,000 remain in the city today.