The Kodiak Queen is one of only a few surviving boats from the Pearl Harbor attacks.

By Jess McHugh
April 14, 2017
© Owen Buggy

Scuba divers looking for something new might want to start packing their bags for the British Virgin Islands.

Virgin sunk one of very few ships to have survived the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor Friday to create a reef off the coast of Virgin Gorda. While sinking the ship might seem a waste for preservation, the ship was soon going to be nothing more than scrap metal.

Photo: © Owen Buggy

Instead, divers will be able to explore the faux shipwreck of the Kodiak Queen in conjunction wth a sprawling Kraken sculpture also installed on the sea floor.

Named the "BVI Art Reef," the project, spearheaded by Virgin founder Richard Branson, is intended as a way to address climate change, coral reef damage, and marine species rehabilitation.

Photo: © Owen Buggy

"It will be a unique platform for capturing people’s attention on the importance of addressing climate change, protecting coral reefs, and rehabilitating vulnerable marine species," Branson said in a release.

Photo: © Owen Buggy

"We’re already talking about creating and sinking other installations close to the wreck, to make it not only one of the world’s most meaningful reefs, but one of the most vibrant and exciting too," he said.

Photo: © Owen Buggy