Reykjavik or Rhode Island? That is the question.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
March 30, 2016
Rhode Island Video Features Shots of Iceland
Credit: YouTube

Rhode Island is known for its beaches and quintessential New England coastline, so when a new promotional video for the state came out recently, people were puzzled to see a famous Iceland landmark prominently featured in the film. About 10 seconds into the short video, a skateboarder zips past Reykjavik's Harpa concert hall as a narrator says, "Imagine a place that feels like home, but holds enough uniqueness that you are never bored.”

Not long after it was posted on an official website and social media as part of a new campaign centered on a new state logo and the slogan "cooler and warmer," commenters began noticing the location mishap. Unfortunately, state governor Gina Raimondo didn’t catch wind of it before sharing it on her Twitter account.

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation admitted to the flub, calling it an “honest mistake." "As the Commerce Corporation put this presentation video together, explicit instructions were given to the local firm that helped with editing to only use Rhode Island footage," Betsy Wall, the corporation's chief marketing office, told the Providence Journal. "A mistake was made."

The video was made by a local advertising agency called IndieWhip, who have already apologized and are working to fix it without increasing their $20,000 production fee. They also helped explain how it happened, telling the Journal, "The footage in question is of a Rhode Island skateboarder, filmed by a Rhode Islander skateboarder.”