Fans can’t get enough of this colorful creation.
hot air balloon

Disney fans, rejoice: someone has created a real-life version of the balloon house from the hit film Up, and it’s flying over Australia. The display has drummed up some major buzz on social media, where spectators are posting pictures of the colorful creation, which was made by hot air ballooning aficionado Simon Askey using 600 rainbow-colored balloons sewn to the outer skin.

The unique model is part of the Canberra Balloon Spectacular (Canberra is about three hours southwest of Sydney), running from March 12 through 20, where 40 other hot air balloons are flying sky high. Measuring just 84,000 cubic feet, Cameron TR-84 (the Up balloon’s official name) is actually considered small compared with the other participants at this spring event.

If fans missed the chance to see the spectacular work based on the Oscar-winning animated Pixar film, Askey is hoping to take his balloon around the world—following in the footsteps of the movie’s own Carl Fredericksen. As the main character put it, “Adventure is out there,” and Askey’s potential trips include a stop in Japan later this year.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw