It's like Homeward Bound in Spanish.

By Melissa Locker
July 18, 2016
Pug and Cat Travel Spain
Credit: PugandCat

Bandito and Luigi have an advantage over most of the pilgrims walking Spain’s 497-mile Camino de Santiago: They have four legs.

The pug and cat's adventure began when their human companions, Sebastian and Finn, bought a pet stroller which enabled them to bring Luigi and Bandito on hikes with them. They've since become an internet sensation after embarking on their incredible journey along the famed pilgrimage route.

The stroller let the family stick together while they traveled from Barcelona to hike through Spain’s parks, including Parc Natural del Garraf near Sitges, Montserrat, and Sierra de las Nieves near Malaga. Even with four legs, hiking is exhausting, and the stroller gives them a place to take a cat—or dog—nap.

Pug and Cat Travel Spain
Credit: PugandCat

“We took a few weeks to get them used to it and set up the tent in our old front room—they genuinely loved it,” Sebastian told Daily Mail.

It took the pack six weeks to make their way across Spain on the pilgrimage, documenting the adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Sebastian and Finn may even turn their adventure into a book.

“Along the walk people joked saying we want a mention in the book and it made us think a little,” Sebastian told Travel + Leisure. “After the walk on Instagram and Facebook we have received literally hundreds of questions about the cat, the we decided to write up our diary that we wrote in the tent.”