And they need your help!
Abandoned President Bust Statues Williamsburg Virginia
Credit: Caters News Agency

Like something out of an M. Night Shyamalan movie or a perpetually awkward lucid dream, on a privately owned farm in Croaker, Virginia, the vestiges of 43 presidential busts are waiting for a miracle.

Commissioned by Houston-based artist David Adickes, the statues were orinigally created as a tourist attraction in Presidents Park, Virginia. When the park went bust (pun-intended) in 2010 with no place to go and in the face of demolition, local businessman Howard Hankins evoked hero status and moved the busts to his own 400-acre farmland. Now, Hankins is planning to raise the funds necessary to restore the statues of past presidents to their former glory. “We are working to find interested donors to fund this new museum and give our Presidential busts the honor they deserve,” Hankins wrote on his Facebook page.

According to a recently launched Go Fund Me Campaign, the plan is raise $500K to help restore the crumbling statues and open a new museum where they will be relocated and seen by all. “They need a new home that will draw in a larger crowd and help educate everyone about the lives of our great presidents. We want people to learn things about the presidents that most do not know—from their family lives to their greatest successes and even failures.”

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