Anthony Bordignon wanted to make his proposal to Katherine Wareham, his girlfriend of two years, an experience she’d never forget.

But instead of surprising her with dinner, chocolates, or even a new puppy for the big moment, Bordignon decided that scaring her nearly to death was the right way to go for his proposal.

Bordignon, an amateur pilot, invited Wareham, a very anxious flyer, for a quick flight in his two-person plane. Shortly after takeoff, Bordignon pretended they were experiencing engine failure and may have to initiate a crash landing.

“I'm not getting any response on the controls here,” Bordignon told his now horrified girlfriend, while filming the entire event on his GoPro. He then asked Wareham to read over a “crash checklist.” As she read down the list, she slowly realized it was all just a prank set up by her beau.

“Verify flight ring is engaged,” Wareham read aloud. “Initiate ring engagement process. Follow steps 11 to 14.”

Tears began streaming down her face as she realized what was really going on. “I hate you!” she exclaimed as he handed her a tiny red box he had been hiding in the plane the entire time.

“Will the pilot in command love the passenger forever? Check. Will you marry the pilot in command?” Wareham read as the final check from the list. Eventually Wareham said yes.

The pair safely landed the plane and shared their engagement video with the world. Since it was uploaded earlier this year, it’s been viewed more than 2 million times, though hopefully it won’t inspire a new trend of terrifying engagements.

Instead, let’s just stick to candlelit dinners and dreamy destination proposals.