On Hawaii, several trainers will blend a personal workout with the island’s natural beauty.

Hawaii trainers for hire
Credit: Courtesy of One Fitness

Next time you go on vacation, you don’t have to skip your workouts. Even better, if your next trip is to Hawaii, you can swap the crowded gym and deafening background music for the rhythmic crash of waves and barefoot toes in the sand. Luckily for travelers who enjoy working out—but sometimes need a push—a number of personal trainers on Maui and elsewhere offer private workouts that highlight the island’s beauty.

Ben Auerbach, of Ka‘anapali-based One Fitness, will construct a morning of sprinting through the sand or runs with ocean views. As a brand ambassador for Lululemon and a fitness concierge, Auerbach fuses the natural surroundings with customized, private workouts. Learn how to make your stride more efficient while jogging the island’s best beaches, or work on proper breathing techniques while holding a yoga pose in the sand. If a traditional setting is more appealing for you, he works closely with Spa Montage on Kapalua Bay to bring some luxury and comfort to your beachfront routine.

On the other end of the island near Maui’s fabled North Shore, where legions of yogis, windsurfers, and watermen train and bask in the sun, Christina Farias is another trainer who can help you work up a sweat. As the founder and owner of Farias Fitness, Christina loves incorporating elements of nature into a workout—whether that’s using palm trees for balance workouts, or coconuts and lava rocks as weights.

“Maui is a reset button for the mind as well as the body,” Farias says. “It’s a place to be inspired and get back to the roots of what really matters—our health. Because nutrition is such a huge part of the overall fitness equation, I love to incorporate eating off the land and the farm-to-table movement on Maui.”

Lest you think it’s all sand dunes and shoreline when scheduling a private workout, both Auerbach and Farias can line up trail runs at well over 4,000 feet. Up here, amidst sweet-smelling groves of Eucalyptus and patches of rolling fog, visitors are given an island perspective that’s best experienced when traveling by foot and weaving on forested trails.

It’s a great alternative workout for your next visit to Hawaii. The bad news is that after a morning of sunrise yoga overlooking turquoise bays, or jungle runs to hidden pools, and sprints in golden sand—the gym, spin class, or treadmill won’t ever look the same.

Kyle Ellison is on the Hawaii beat for Travel + Leisure. He divides his time between Hawaii and Asheville, N.C.