Because a great vacation needs a great out-of-office.

girl surfing
Credit: Courtesy of Westin

Face it, your out-of-office messages are boring: “I'll have limited access to email…blah blah; if your message is urgent…blah blah.” What you really should be doing is leaving an automated reply that tells people you're traveling, seeing the sights, having fun! Now there's an OOO reply tool that will make you sound like the coolest kid on the block, almost guaranteed to leave your correspondents envious and smiling.

girl ski
Credit: Courtesy of Westin

As part of Westin Hotels & Resorts' new “You Need Better Vacation Days” campaign, the chain has partnered with the wise-guy humorists at McSweeney's to develop the Out of Office Generator. Try it for yourself. Just fill in a few blanks (dates, what kind of trip you're planning, who you'll be going with, etc.) and the app generates a witty, beautifully written message that will make you sound like a combination of adventurer, sybarite, and all-around bon vivant. It will even generate a shortened version for posting on social media.

Tip: When you fill in the “Who to contact while I'm away” box, do what I did and write, “Anyone but me.”

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