We want answers.

Italy Pasta Eating Questions
Credit: Bert Hardy/Getty Images [edited]

Olive Garden is set to release its new $200 Pasta Passport on Thursday, which includes an unlimited amount of pasta for eight weeks and an eight-day, all-inclusive trip to Italy for two. Since only 50 passports will be available, set your alarms for 2 p.m. ET for the big reveal — we'll be right there with you.

We're beyond excited (i.e obsessed) about the potential for copious amounts of pasta and a cheap trip to Italy, so we can't stop wondering about the details. Here are the questions we hope to get answered before the trip departs on April 7.

  • What part of Italy is the trip to?
  • Does the cost include travel insurance?
  • Do you have to wear an Olive Garden t-shirt the whole time?
  • Are baggage fees included? Eight days is a long time.
  • What if you get sick of pasta? Or breadsticks?
  • What if you're gluten intolerant?
  • Why aren’t there any Olive Gardens in Italy?
  • What kind of cultural activities does the trip include?
  • Do you get to take home any souvenirs?
  • Will you go to a vineyard? Or meet the Pope?
  • Does the Pope eat at Olive Garden?
  • Do you get to learn how to make pasta from the head chef of Olive Garden?
  • Is the head chef Italian?
  • How does someone get the head chef job at Olive Garden?
  • Do you have to hang out with the other 49 winners of the Pasta Passport?
  • Three meals are included in the trip. Do we get to choose? Is wine included? Do you have to tip?
  • What does Olive Garden serve for breakfast?
  • Does the trip come with a gym membership for when you get back?
  • Is there a pasta tour guide?
  • Is there a limit to the number of times I can visit an Olive Garden per day?
  • Do I need a passport to buy the Pasta Passport?
  • Can I renew my Pasta Passport when it expires?
  • Where else can I get a stamp in my Pasta Passport?
  • Is the pasta immigration office tough?
  • Can you put pasta in your carry-on?
  • Does TSA allow pasta sauce through security?
  • Do I need to get a visa to visit the Olive Garden?
  • Is there an extra fee for an expedited Pasta Passport?
  • Can I just get an enhanced pasta license? What about a Pasta Passport card? And would these be valid for land crossing and cruises?
  • Where is the Olive Garden Culinary Institute? Will we be staying there?
  • What do they consider Alfredo sauce in Italy?
  • How do you say “pasta” in Italian?
  • Will we also get an unlimited supply of stretchy pants?
  • Can you just choose us already?

To attempt to become one of the 50 lucky Pasta Passport owners, visit pastapass.com.